Our mission is to help biotech industries having products based on modern genetic engineering and genome editing techniques to conform with the Brazilian GMO regulatory framework  

Who is TargetDNA?

TargetDNA – Solutons in Biotechnology – is a Brazilian company that offers skilled services in Genetically Modified Organisms (OGM) biosafety and regulatory issues of industries or their branches intending to work in Brazil. Our services are in accordance with the Brazilian laws, the Brazilian National Technical Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio) requirements and international trends and agreements (e.g. The Cartagena Protocol). We have a large experience with GMOs risk assessment to support requirements of Biosafety Quality Certificate (CQB), to create the Internal Biosafety Commission (CIBio) and to submit and track requests for confined and commercial products releases. Contact us to better understand our services and get a commercial proposal!

What we can do

We can help clients to fulfill all legal and technical requirements in order to start activities involving GMOs under the Brazilian legal framework. The set of requirements include getting a CQB (Qualitity Certificate in Biosafety), producing local biosafety data through lab experiments or controlled field releases, importing or exporting GMOs and requiring a GMO commercial release. We can also help finding partners for scientific research and technical development and contacts for further regulation after CNBio (GMO) commercial approval.

Legal and Technical Documents



Courses and training on GMO risk assessment and the Brazilian regulatory framework for clients. Training on stewardship to conform to CTNBio and enforcement agencies inspections.


Assistance in creating Internal Biosafety Commissions (CIBio) and getting of the Biosafety Quality Certificate (CQB) for industries and companies that wish to conduct research and product development with GMOs in Brazil.


Assistance with dossiers and documents for GMO planned releases and commercial releases and post release monitoring plans. The documents must strictly conform with the norms of CTNBio ad with risk assessment indications in order to speed up approval and reduce costs.

Contact Info

TargetDNA – Soluções em biotecnologia
Rua Conselheiro Nabuco, 530
Casa Amarela, Recife, PE, Brazil
CEP: 52.070-010

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